Should you mine Electronero? Read the full message below before you do.

Wednesday May 30
When the ETNX network was launched it wasnt stable, it is due to a problem on their daemon. The daemon is reporting different network difficulty when ran on different machines which caused mining pools to mine on their own alternative chains and when a reorganization of the blocks occured it resulted in orphaned blocks mined by pools. Most of the time it wont even reorganize anymore and the pools would just mine on its own chain. They didnt knew the problem at first and they said that the network is under attack so what they did is rolled back the blockchain to height 307064. They saw which IP is forking and asked me if it was my node I told them it wasnt my node and its from

Wednesday May 31
17 hours later I noticed the difficulty of our pool is different than the other pools, so I sent a message to the devs and they said they will look into it. A few hours later I asked again and he accused me of modifying the source of the daemon. Now why would I do that? I then saw their discussion (Seb & interchained) at's discord channel so I joined and told them that the difficulty reported on my daemon is wrong. Seb then said that there is something wrong with the DAA(Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm). Our pool went off chain again and interchained is saying "he needs to leave the chain, someone who think they need to modify the core is wrong". Again I did not modify anything because the daemon is broken. Seb and I already already told him that there is something wrong with the DAA but he won't acknowledge it.

25 hours later after the fork, pools are still generating orphaned blocks, except for CK's pool because his daemon is reporting the highest difficulty and all the other pools have lower difficulty. I temporarily remedied it by adding a multiplier to the difficulty returned by the daemon but my daemon is still accepting blocks from daemons with lower diff so a reorganization of chain is still an issue and my blocks would still be orphaned. After a few more reorgs Seb offered his node to all of the mining pools so that all the pools will get the same difficulty and stop creating alternative chains while waiting for the devs to fix their daemon.

Friday June 1
Daemon is still not fixed. Back at CK's discord channel Interchained(ETNX Dev) is now offering some BTC to ZAWY who wrote LWMA to fix their problem. Everyone is tired now and just want to rest more than 30 hours now of almost no sleep and no sign of when it will be fixed. A heated discussion between Seb and Interchained occured because it seems like Interchained doesnt know what he is talking about. Some suggestions were made to fix the problem but nothing worked the problem is still there.

Saturday June 2
Daemon is still not fixed and the dev is focusing in releasing their wallet rather than fixing their daemon which is more important. Seb recommended the service of ITALO guys for 0.5BTC. He then claims that seb is extorting them because he doesnt like to pay someone to fix the problem on their node, he says he wants to fix it on his own but the problem is he cannot fix it on his own that is why seb wants him to just pay the devs of italo coin to fix their problem.

Sunday June 3
Seb turned off his node or restarted it I cant remember anymore the reason. Interchained sent a message through Telegram. Hi is now trying to use SMA to replace LWMA but he could not make it work so he rolled back his updates and returned back to LWMA.

Monday June 4
I believe we are still using Seb's node. The problem is still there. He is promising to release an update and ive been waiting all day and I only got a few hours of sleep since launch date. In the end he just forked a new chain leaving behind the chain that is being used by all the pools and exchange. He also created a new premine ( and finally decided to use his own node leaving the pool owners who's trying to support him. Since the daemon is STILL BROKEN, he then tried to let the pool owners use his node. Both I and turned of our pool.

Fast forward today
Did he fixed the problem? No. All the pools right now is still using a single node which in the world of crypto is really bad. They should not use the word decentralized to describe their coin since right now its fully centralized. The network has a single point of failure right now which is their single node. Take this node offline and you own the network.

In summary

Electronero is a coin that has a HUGE premine [25.2 Billion] (12.6 billion from 1st premine + 12.6 billion on his 2nd premine) which he is already trading at exchanges. They are dissing the ETN devs when their own devs are no better. Just visit CryptoKnights discord channel, scroll to the top and you will know what I mean.

They can't fix their network or they dont care anymore as long as they can sell their premine. The devs claimed that they burned 10billion of coins. Well you cant burn something that isnt there. You need to mine it first if you want to burn it. For what its worth he might actually be trying to make the value of their coin higher by lowering the total supply. And they are calling their second premine an "airdrop", yeah right. where do you think the MILLIONS of coins flowing steadily through the exchange coming from?

Can you imagine if they give 1 million ETNX per day of their premine it could last for 68 years.

Robbing the miners

Do you wanna know how greedy the ETNX dev is? They said that their pool is 0% fee right? Visit their pool then look at the reward. Its supposed to be 47,000+ ETNX but its at 18,000+ ETNX only its because he modified their pool to extract the txfee on the block. He set a fixed reward on the mined blocks so that he can keep the transaction fees for himself. Usually all miners will get a share on the txfee of the mined block but on their pool he keeps it all. Now when he increased the reward on the block he probably forgot to update his code that is why its still set at 18k or maybe he just wants to get more rewards for himself. Its probably the reason why they have a ridiculously high TXFEE.

Another one that I forgot which I already saw when we were still on testnet and luckily reeyon from CK saw is they have a hidden 5% "NetworkFee". This network fee gets deducted on the block reward. Its basically a hidden pool fee and that is a ridiculously high 5% pool fee. So for a 47,000 ETNX Block reward their cut is 2,350 ETNX. Now that is just highway robbery!

I cant fathom their greedines. They already have 25.2 billion coins from their premine and its still not enough for them so to satisfy their greedines they will just rob their own miners.

Update: 6/16/2018 - Take your site down!

He is now threatening me if I dont take this page down. This page is here so that the public will know the history of the coin. The public has the right to know about this, if you think what is written here are all incorrect, then prove us wrong.

You are saying that this is a community coin right? Then I will only remove this page once you give the Private View Key of the premine address to the community

So tell me are you still gonna mine this coin? Join us at our telegram and let us know what you think

Why are we still hosting this pool? Because if you search for an ETNX pool our pool is one on the list. We are doing this so that miners will know what is the story behind this coin since the Devs in their Telegram group is spreading lies and bullshit when their moto is "NO MORE BULLSHIT". As long as someone is still using our pool and the blockchain is alive we will keep this pool running. The pool is now offline hosting the pool supports their network which we are no longer going to do. Please open up your eyes. Ask the devs where is the premine now. Have you seen them give an airdrop? Ask them why are they so greedy.

"What glitters may not be gold; and even wolves may smile; and fools will be led by promises to their deaths."

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